About Us

A group of professionals from the Arab world who are specialized in financial, banking, trading, legal and information technology.The bureau welcomes Arabs and non-Arab professionals who are willing to contribute their knowledge and expertise in this field to be a part of the bureau and to help the Arabic speaking community to be better informed.

Retired Judges, Police Forces, Customs and Penitents
The bureau selection of experts will not be limited to experts in financial, trading, banking, legal advocates and IT but shall also include investigation experts, private detectives, homicide, customs, general attorney’s and judges from any country. The idea behind the wide range of professionals is to protect our trading, money and economy from various types of fraudulence (organized crimes or individuals). The umbrella of the bureau experts shall also include victims and ex-criminals (penitents) to learn from their experience to strengthen the firewall for a better understanding on how we can protect ourselves from such crimes.

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