• Where does the Arab World stand from the latest issues?
  • Are we playing an effective role in the world as we are required to prevent unethical business crimes.


We must put in our mind that neglecting and ignoring others suffering will definitely open doors to harm our children and society.
The world became a small village.

In the absence of ARABIC language sites related to information on Commercial & Financial Crimes, Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and International Trade Finance, prompted the founder of the bureau to avail a specialized site to help countries, individuals, international & local organizations and corporate who speak Arabic to be updated about the latest issues in these areas. This will create secured firewalls which can guarantee the effectiveness of self protection. The bureau will be also liaising with other international organizations (governmental / nongovernmental) to exchange experience, information, advises to improve services provided to members and visitors as an extra self protection.

The Founder of the site feels happy to announce that this bureau is the only one of its kind worldwide, which provides comprehensive information in Arabic, and hence may be the only bureau (in any language) in the world which includes other than crime related issues.