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Financial and Commercial Fraud and Money Laundering Combat Consulting Services:
One of the most important activities of Organization Business Crime Bureau, BCB is “Protection against commercial fraud and money laundering”. Consultation and investigation on laundering combat is a complementary process for ensuring a highly secured trade. Following the meeting which was held in the GCC Secretariat-general headquarters on December 9, 1985 between their excellencies the GCC Ministers of Transport and Communication to prevent piracy and maritime fraud which ensures protection for the traders interests, BCB deemed appropriate to offer unique services in this field to Kuwaiti and foreign companies to protect them against laundering, fraud and embezzlement. BCB offers two types of services, the first type is to assist organizations and individuals to avoid fraud in import, export and investment operations, and the second type is related to investigation, consultation and money laundering prevention.

Litigation Support and Investigations
Absence of Litigation Support, as a consulting service offered by law firms, obstructs the process of defining the proper compensation for the harmed party, fails to clearly bring into view the rights in judicial disputes and delays claim decision and/or conciliations. Therefore, BCB offers these services to organizations and law firms in order to support their positions during disputes in courts and arbitration. This is a supplementary service to law firms, which helps lawyers succeed in cases of a financial and commercial nature.

Business Continuity Management Plans
It is very important for the public and the private sectors to prepare emergency plans for their business continuity in the event of natural disasters, wars, destruction or malfunctions. Giving priority to these plans provides the concerned organization with a high measure of safety. Therefore, BCB offers business continuity plans services to its clients to secure their work continuity.
In this field the company has experts who worked in local financial and institutions, beside the available qualified personnel from international affiliated companies

Business Process Redesign
High operational expenses and prolonged and inefficient procedures during the execution of operations make the company liable to be pushed out of the competitive market. Therefore, simplifying work procedures (Process Management) and redesigning the processes are considered to be highly creative which requires specialized skillful persons. BCB has highly qualified consultants who worked for an extended periods of time in reviewing the different phases of work execution and providing latest techniques, taking into consideration control and inspection requirements. BCB task is not limited in reviewing the used business techniques, but it also introduces advanced methods in reviewing the company existing system and the Information Technology Systems if available.

Process Management
Development and simplifying of work procedures, as well as developing a procedure for business processes is very important and helps, undoubtedly, to improve the business efficiency. Nowadays computers help in the development of simplifying work procedures, which enable the employee to display any kind of information any time without any disturbance to the work performed. This is like using help in personal computers.
Due to the limited number of experts in this important field in the market, BCB took the initiative to provide this service to help the organizations keeping work procedures simple, easy, uniform and efficient.

International Trade Consultation
Under the changes imposed by GATT Agreement, and in response to the organizations needs to harmonize with these rapid changes, BCB offers unique and specialized consulting services in the following fields: mergers and acquisitions, opening new branches and preparations for foreign investments.
Feasibility Studies
The time of establishing organizations and companies without proper plans and studies has disappeared and is replaced by a time when it is difficult to establish a successful organization without conducting a feasibility study. BCB has experts in conducting projects / business feasibility studies and offering financing consultations.
One of the complications leading to the organizations failure (breakdown) is the absence of the Bylaws which is considered the basic point of understanding between the partners and the distribution of authorities between the Board Members and the Executive Management. Bylaws also provide assurance to the organization for business continuity. Therefore, BCB may help organizations in forming their required Bylaws which include very important elements such as, but not limited to, the Organization, Financial and Personnel policies.
Training Services
The importance of training is growing in an unprecedented way due to the latest developments in Technology and work system. Furthermore, services that banks and financial institutions offer to its clients extended to include Information Technology such as Internet and Electronic Services which paved the way to a succession of changes in the quality of skill required for a job for the various administrative levels in banks, financial and commercial sectors. The coming era requires exploiting new methods of training to polish employees abilities and skills. Starting from this point, BCB established its position in training fields by employing prominent Kuwaiti bankers. And to enrich its training services, BCB has associated itself with highly qualified bankers from the Arab and foreign countries to participate in the presentation of very highly specialized training programs.

BCB offers two types of training programs, general programs and special programs.

  • The General Training Program
    The general training program are programs specialized in finance and commerce providing training services for many sectors’ including banking, industrial, financial, and commercial and government sectors. It is worth mentioning that these programs are designed after thorough investigation of these sectors actual training needs, and they are designed according to the practical needs of the trainees as explained in this brochure.

  • Special Training programs
    The special training programs are designed according to the customers’ requests based on thorough studies of the special and actual needs of the organization where an analysis is being conducted on the organization’s strategies, its work tactics, its financial and administrative risks, as well as on the employees skills. Afterwards, BCB offers integrated training programs to improve the employees performance.

Bachir A. Al-Nakib An accomplished financial professional, experience covers regulatory investigations, Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”), Anti Money Laundering (“AML”) remediation and other risk management matters in global and domestic retail banks, correspondent banks, broker-dealers, private equity funds, mutual funds, money services businesses and insurance companies. Has worked in the Russian Federation, Indonesia, Bahrain, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E, Malawi, and Bermuda.

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Hany Abou-El-Fotouh A leader whose personal philosophy and values have enabled him to succeed and inspire others
Dynamic banker with 20+ years’ solid experience combined with strong administrative management skills,
broad exposure to operations, compliance, governance best practices and controls.
Successful at building high-performance teams and skilled at establishing operational excellence within
culturally diverse environments

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