Training & Confernces

Business Crime Bureau (BCB) has many other specialized training programs for verity of clients, which you will not be able to find in BCB site such as Stock Exchange, FX and Money Markets, Investigations, Customs, Prosecution Officers, General attorneys, Judges, Department of experts, Law & Accounting Firms, Diplomatic affairs and Missions and other Commercial and Financial sectors. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us incase of any requirements enabling us to provide the required services.
BCB offers two types of training programs, general programs and special programs.

  • The General Training Program
    The general training program are programs specialized in finance and commerce providing training services for many sectors’ including banking, industrial, financial, and commercial and government sectors. It is worth mentioning that these programs are designed after thorough investigation of these sectors actual training needs, and they are designed according to the practical needs of the trainees as explained in this brochure.
  • Special Training programs
    The special training programs are designed according to the customers’ requests based on thorough studies of the special and actual needs of the organization where an analysis is being conducted on the organization’s strategies, its work tactics, its financial and administrative risks, as well as on the employees skills. Afterwards, BCB offers integrated training programs to improve the employees performance

Our Programs:

  • Corporate Compliance
  • Compliance,
  • Business Ethics and,
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Operations in Banking,
  • Operational Risks.
  • Combating Crimes in Financial and Commercial Instruments,
  • Combating Money Laundering – Different programs for bankers, government sector, Financial Institutions etc.,
  • Documentary Analysis for Combating Financial and Commercial Crimes.
  • International Trade Finance:
    • LCs
    • Guarantees,
    • Standby Credits,
    • Inward and Outward Bills for collections.
    • ICC Publications (ISP 98, UCP 600, eUCP, URDG 758, URC 522 etc.