Program Name

Combating Money Laundering &Terrorist Financing Strategies “For Senior Management”

Program outlines:

  • International Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Initiatives.
  • Polices and Procedures.
  • International Issues.
  • Managing Financial, Legal and Operational Risks.
  • What Bankers Can Do To Help?
  • Establish Effective BSA Compliance Programs.
  • Laws & Regulations.
  • Establish Effective Customer Due Diligence Systems and Monitoring Programs.
  • KYB & KNC.
  • Russian Money Laundering Scandal.
  • Compliance Chain analysis.
  • Where to Get More Information
  • Develop Systems.
  • Post and Pre-fact.
  • Develop IT for Pre-fact protection.
  • Investigations.

Language of the programs:

This program can be provided in English and Arabic.

It is preferable to divide the participants between the Arabic and the English programs to ensure that they get the maximum benefit.