Program Name

eUCP Version 1.0

Program Outlines:

  • The Scope of the eUCP.
  • Relation of the eUCP to the UCP.
  • Definitions.
  • Electronic records, signatures and format.
  • Compare eUCP articles with UCP.
  • Presentation of different types of documents compared with UCP500 presentation.
  • Notice of completeness for presentation: reasons and technicalities involved.
  • Examination.
  • Notice of refusal of electronic records.
  • Original and copies.
  • Date of issuance of various types of documents (electronic and paper).
  • Transport documents within eUCP and UCP.
  • Corruption of an electronic record after presentation and Disclaimer under eUCP and compared disclaimer with UCP.


  • Lecture -discussion, case studies and problem solving.


  • English and / or Arabic.

Training Material:

  • English / Arabic – case studies in English.


  • 12 Training Hours.