Program Name

Problem LCs Collections And Guarantees

This program is tailored from real life cases, some of which have gone to courts; others were settled out of courts amicably between the parties and referred to the International Chamber of Commerce Commission. It is 27 years of compilation of these cases spanning the Lecturer’s experience in this field. The cases will not be limited to documentary credits only; it will be inclusive of demand guarantees, standby credits, sureties, collections and bankers acceptance. Views of Courts of England, New York, Rome, France, Egypt, Kuwait and many other countries will be illustrated during the program.

UCP500, ISP98 and many other international publications and legislations refer to force majeure. It is well known that real life cases of such nature are most important, especially where the participants will be introduced to real life cases which resulted from the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait (Aug 2nd 1990) for discussion and problem solving.

This program is designed as a problem solving session, reviewing most disputed cases under transferable and back-to-back credits.

Benefits To You And Your Organization:

  • Learn to handle problem LCs and Guarantees.
  • Minimize risk of fraud and human error factor when handling complicated cases.


  • Lecture-discussion, and problem solving sessions.

Why attend ?

To be more familiar in understanding the risk in different type of transactions and get more acquainted in handling Transferable, Bank to Back Documentary Credits and other unusual and high Risk Transactions in Trade Finance.

Who Should Attend ?

Professional personal working / handling Documentary Credit Transactions and Guarantees. This program is also of interest to lawyers.


  • English / Arabic.


  • 25 training Hours.