Program Name

Trade Finance & For Non Trade Finance Staff

How many times did we decline a customer either because we did not understand their language or because we were not aware of the product. In many cases rejecting business may not be the best decision to make. Many Credit Officers and clients are not aware that banks can offer trade finance services without credit risk. Many professional staff in the banking sector think that it is impossible but we think that there are many ways to do so… it is amazing. Trade finance products are handled by credit officers on a daily basis and Audits in Banks review such decisions. Did we ask ourselves how much do we know about such products?

Communication gap between Credit and Operations staff, with respect, to the limited understanding of trade finance products is the cause which must be reduced. Credit Officers want to sell more of Trade Finance Products as they want to increase the credit portfolio and meet the business strategy. On the other hand, Operations staff do not see it that way. They want to make sure that the transactions are within the business norms.

Program Content:

  • The International Chamber of Commerce and The Financial Investigation Bureau.
  • Types of credit facilities (limits, outstanding and past dues).
  • Determining the limits required for customers.
  • Prevent Money laundering under trade finance transactions.
  • LCs: Types and risks.
  • Guarantees: Types and risks.
  • Collections: Types and risks.
  • Morabaha LCs.
  • Morabaha Collections.
  • Morabaha Refinance for LCs and Collections.
  • Conflict of interests under Morabaha Credits.
  • Country risks/limits.
  • Revolving, non revolving, open and specific facilities
  • Parties to documentary credit transaction roles & responsibilities.
  • Identification of types of risks (economical, political, war etc.) and ways to protect the business.
  • Undertakings and Confirmations.
  • Types of credits.
  • Prevention of fraud and Money Laundering Risks.
  • Types of Guarantees, Standby Credits and Sureties (claims and demands to extend or pay).
  • Famous Fraud cases and Legal disputed transactions in the GCC courts.

Benefits To You And Your Organization:

  • Better understanding of all types of credits and when and how to use them.
  • Get familiar with the Uniform Customs Practice for Documentary Credits, International Chamber of Commerce Publication No. 500 (UCP500) and other Trade Finance Publications such as URC 522 for Collections and ISP98 for International Standby Credits Transactions.
  • How to secure the business from Fraud and Money Laundering.
  • How to guide your client to avoid White Crimes.
  • How to secure more business with less credit risk.
  • Understand type of charges and liability booking. Investigations.
  • Conflict of laws issues and applicable law and jurisdiction.
  • How the different laws governs the products.
  • Understand commercial and contract laws in various countries and the different types of demand guarantees and collection transactions.


  • Lecture-discussion and real life case studies (for discussion).


  • English and Arabic.


  • 30 Training Hours.