Jamal Abdul Raheem (Ph.D)
Jamal Abdul Raheem is the founder and president of Business Crime Bureau Inc., U.S.A
Jamal is a member of the external faculty at “The Institute of Banking Studies” – State of Kuwait.
Previously he was a member of Financial Investigation Bureau – London and a committee member of Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS), Miami, Florida and was external trainers faculty of “Bahrain Institute of Banking and Financial Studies” – Kingdom of Bahrain.
Jamal was assigned many international investigation cases, most important
  • Litigation support – France Courts – Makae Europe Company vs. Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Arab Country) who unfairly and unjustifiably accused Makae laundering money and financing terrorists .
  • International Investigation related to Money Laundering, Conspiracy and Fraud against Spanish company. Matter is still open with Spanish Law enforcement.

Other investigations: Azerbaijan, South Africa. Philippines, UAE, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Sweden, Spain and Saudi Arabia.
From October 2006-2008 Jamal was the Director (Chief Operating Officer – COO) and acting CEO of Credit Suisse Saudi Arabia (CSSA). Jamal was assigned a main duty to arrange to setup full fledge investment banking Investment Services such as: equity brokerage, investment banking, private banking, research, fund management and custody.
He has more than 31 years of banking and financial experience. His area of specialty is:

  • Corporate Compliance
    • Compliance,
    • Business Ethics and,
    • Corporate Governance.
  • Operations in Banking,
  • Operational Risks
  • Combating Crimes in Financial and Commercial Instruments,
  • Combating Money Laundering – Different programs for bankers, government sector, Financial Institutions etc.,
  • International Trade Finance such as and not limited to: LCs, Bills, Guarantees, Standby Credits and other publications of the International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Banking Operations and Laws.

Jamal worked in USA, France, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In Kuwait he worked for The Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Gulf Bank and Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait. In France he worked for Kuwait French Bank and in the U.S. he worked for Impax International Inc.
In addition to the Novels he wrote and published, Jamal has several writings in business and Law among which three books are:
1) Documentary Credits from Legal and Trading Aspect (1996).

2) Demand Guarantees, Standby Credits and Sureties from Legislative, International Rules and United Nations Convention Perspective – Published by Union of Arab Banks, Lebanon (1999).

3) Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Laws and Practices in the GCC and Middle East and Conflict of Interest with the West (2005).