Business Crime Bureau prevents purchase of forged U.S. treasury bonds for U.S.$ 30 million in addition to 7% interest in date of issuance.

It is obvious that there is nothing called Ministry of Finance U.S.A instead it is called U.S. Department of Treasury.
When the image is enlarged you will observe a lot of typos e.g. one million spelt as one mulion. Such typos are made on purpose by organized crime to find out if the victim consulted someone who has some basic information and that such victims are not consulting experts to find out genuinely of such instruments.
As long as the victim does not raise questions to the criminals the scam continues and those victims who never consult experts are the most wanted by the organized crimes

The image shown on the bottom is interest due for the last 8 years i.e. from date of issuance to the date of sales. Questions if asked could lead to crime :

  • Do you think that any genuine investor keeps investment for 8 years without collecting its interest?
  • Do you think the purchasing power of dollars equal to the purchasing power after 8 years?
  • Why does the bearer want to sell the bonds that are worth 30 million dollars in addition to the interest due calculated @ 7% p.a. for the last 8 years in amount of the 21 million dollars only?

If I were a seller I would have handled those bonds to the nearest bank to collect the face value and the interest.

The description of those bonds indicates that there are golden hair. Actually it is a cultural issue.
The West will use golden strips instead of hair. The East might use hair but this is a non-business language.
Off course this is another Red flag for both the victim and the criminal as the criminal can tell in advance with whom he is dealing.

This image below is related to an envelope, which contains description of the bonds.

This image below represents the receipt. Please see the typos.

This image below contains an embossed stamp just to fool the victim that the transaction is genuine.

This image below indicates the serial number of the bonds which can appear when exposed to the ultra violet light.

Important question to be asked…..

When was ultra violet light discovered?

Off course this is an additional piece of paper which is worth nothing just to fool the victim and make them believe that such instruments are genuine.